Whether you hire a residential moving company or do it alone in warm weather, moving presents a challenging prospect. Hot weather leaves you feeling weak, sticky all over, and agitated with the kind of things you want to move and trying to stay cool. However, the right tips and home movers can help you through the warm weather.

Wear Comfortable, Protective Clothing

Dressing properly is essential during a move in warm weather. That’s why you should stick to cotton wear and sports apparel or any other breathable clothing that helps you deal with moisture.

For your safety, wear gloves that give you a firm grip to minimize dropping items due to sweaty hands. Also, put on close-toed shoes instead of sandals to protect against stubbing your toes from odd angles and accidentally dropped items.

Make Arrangements for Children/Pets to Be Out During the Move

Your doors will be open for most of the day. That means you can’t rely on your air conditioning to keep your home cool during your home relocation. For this reason, it’s best to arrange for your children and pets to be in a cooler atmosphere at a friend’s/relative’s home.

Try to Keep the Home Comfortable for Those Staying Back

When the doors are open, and the air conditioner is doing all but nothing, run some fans to help with cooling. If there is a slight breeze outdoors, and you have windows/doors opposite each other in any room, you can cross-ventilate the rooms. Ask the residential movers to open them for the outside breeze to move through your home.

Provide Plenty of Bottled Water

Warm weather gets demanding on the body, and you or your entourage shouldn’t be without either cold or room-temperature bottled water. Bottled water will help you stay hydrated at all times, and if you hire a household moving company, pack some for the professionals, too!

If Long Distance is Involved, Service Your Vehicle Before the Move

The reason for this is to make sure your vehicle has enough coolant and functioning AC to prevent you or the vehicle from overheating during the trip. Some professional long-distance movers will help transport your vehicles.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

Except for some equipment, machines, and vehicles, moving is manual labor, so it can be hard on your body in warmer conditions. Take breaks to rest, snack up, and gulp down some water. If you feel lifting and moving heavy items will take its toll on you in the warm weather, hire experts to handle the tasks for you.

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