A home relocation is something you should plan for due to the intricacies involved in getting it right. That’s why it’s ideal to hire expert movers to handle your moving project. However, that’s easier said than done because not every mover means well or will put your needs first. For this reason, it’s important to ask relevant questions to which a home mover must provide answers that meet your expectations or satisfy your curiosity. Some of them are discussed below.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

The reason for this question is to learn how long the company has been operating, and the answers you get will help you know the level of expertise and professionalism to expect. A moving company with numerous years of experience could have an edge in delivering smooth moving services over startups.

Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About Your Facility?

At this point, you’ll likely hear about the condition of their warehouse and other storage facilities, which could come in handy when you need temporary storage space for your move. Also, an established and dedicated business location often means that the company is stable and being run well.

What Are Some of Your Accolades & Affiliations?

This question helps you learn if the residential movers belong to industry trade groups and the accolades they have. Awards show their level of professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Can I See Some Feedback and Reviews from Your Prior Customers?

A reputable mover with a track record of excellent performances should be able to provide you with testimonials from prior customers. If none is readily available, they should be able to pull some samples up on the website for you to view.

Can You Explain the Steps You Take to Protect My Items?

Professional household moving companies take precautions with their customers’ belongings. That includes using moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, plastic wrapping, etc., during a move. Hopefully, you will also hear about steps taken to keep your items safe, such as protection for carpeting and doorways.

Can You Tell Me More About the Claims Process in the Event My Items Get Damaged?

An experienced moving company is aware that damage can occur to items during packing/shipment irrespective of the standard precautions. For this reason, they should have a process in place to address any resultant customer claims.

The provider should also be able to explain the Released Value Protection (reimbursement based on item weight) vs. Full Value Protection (reimbursement based on item replacement value).

Can You Explain Your Pricing Policies?

Serious long-distance movers must have pricing policies. They should be able to explain how their quotes are calculated, including the cost of any optional packing and storage services you may want. Also, the mover should explain whether their pricing is binding or non-binding.

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