Calculating Moving Costs

Our Sioux Falls long-distance movers break down how moving services are priced so that you can get a better understanding of what you’re paying for.

What are the Primary Factors that Affect Moving Costs

First, let’s talk about what goes into determining the cost of a move. Your custom moving plan which includes scalable services will take an estimated number of hours based on the size of your household. A calculation of labor hours and transportation costs provides the basis for determining your moving costs. This means that moving across the country will be more expensive than moving to the next town over due to the additional transportation costs. It also means that moving a studio apartment will be less costly than moving a three-bedroom home due to the difference in labor hours required.

Pricing Local Moves in Sioux Falls, SD

Local moves, typically any distance within 50 miles of your starting point, use a simple calculation of labor and transportation costs. The labor includes the number of movers required and the number of labor hours needed to provide the services that you’ve requested like packing, furniture wrapping, and piano moving. Every move is different, but as a general rule of thumb, a two-bedroom apartment should take about six hours and a three-bedroom home should take 8-10 hours.

The second part of the equation for your local moving cost is transportation. For local moves within a defined radius, the transportation costs are typically a flat fee designed to cover the cost of equipment use and fuel. These fees might also include a fuel surcharge when petroleum costs are high. 

Pricing Long Distance Moves To and From South Dakota

Long-distance moving works a little bit differently. Whether your mover has a house-brand freight company that specializes in cross-country moving or they’re using an LTL freight service, your stuff becomes freight that is priced by weight when you make a long-distance move. Most carriers use a digital algorithm to provide weight-based rate estimates for full-service moving, including packing and freight shipment.

Why You Need to Get an In-Home Estimate for your Moving Costs

There is a lot of variation in the costs of moving between one home and another. The only way to get an accurate estimate is to work with a local moving company that provides in-home estimates and is willing to tailor your services to meet individual needs. For example, you can substantially lower your costs by packing yourself while letting professional movers take care of the hauling. One of the first questions covered during an in-home estimate is your budget. A professional estimate can help you understand how to keep your moving costs under control.

Pricing for Add-On Services

And, speaking of scalable services, it’s a good idea to understand how these extra perks add up on your final bill. If you utilize full-service packing or fragile-only packing, you can expect a labor hour charge on your bill for the additional service. And if you opt for storage solutions, there will be a time and space requirement rental fee associated with that service as well. 

Understanding Binding vs. Non-Binding Estimates

Some moving companies will provide verbal estimates before you commit and then tack on additional costs throughout the experience, leading to a bill that is much higher than anticipated. However, you can protect yourself from this uncomfortable situation by requesting a binding written estimate that details exactly which services you are requesting and how much the moving company is charging for these services.

The Bottom Line on Estimating Moving Costs

Our residential movers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have decades of experience in local and long-distance moving. They’ve seen moves of every size and scope and they know how stressful these big life changes can be. Get a head start and plan for your move with a realistic cost estimate that factors in all the necessary services to make your big move a little easier.

For more than 50 years, the moving professionals at Brouwer Relocation in Sioux Falls, SD have been providing scalable moving services to fit nearly every need and budget. Our affordable, family-owned moving services provide exceptional, values-based customer service on every move beginning with a free in-home estimate. As a trusted agent of Atlas Van Lines, we can provide services from coast to coast. Call our Sioux Falls office today to learn more.