Protect Your Home when Moving

You’ve probably put a lot of thought into packing your belongings and preventing damage in transit, but have you taken any steps to protect your home as movers come in and out? While professional movers should be courteous of your property, the truth is that they will be walking the same routes while carrying heavy or awkward furniture. The traffic alone can take a toll, so here are a few tips from our long-distance movers for protecting your home during a move.

Use Plywood to Minimize Lawn Damage

Consider where the moving truck will park and where the route from the door to the truck crosses. For example, if it’s been raining and the ground is soft, you could end up with a lot of mud or ruts in the lawn. Neither of these will be attractive for potential home buyers, and if you rent, could cost you your deposit. Use sheets of plywood to create a sidewalk across delicate areas.

Use Plastic Wrap to Protect Carpet

All that foot traffic will be noticeable on your carpets. Even if it’s not muddy, it’s unrealistic to expect movers to take their shoes off every time they enter your home. So, take another approach to protecting the more delicate surfaces in your home. Plastic sheeting can be stretched across carpeted areas to keep dirty feet from leaving their mark.

Use Towels & Blankets to Protect Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

While most furniture fits through standard doorways in modern homes, there is always bound to be that one piece of overstuffed or oversized furniture. Or, perhaps you live in an older home with smaller doorways. Either way, a soft cushion can help protect your doorways and ornate woodwork from unintentional damage during moving. Use towels and blankets for the best results.

Remove Window Treatments & Wall Décor

You might be leaving the curtains behind, but those tiebacks that protrude from the wall by several inches are prone to get caught on things as the movers get to work. Consider removing anything temporary like window treatments, mirrors, and wall décor to prevent damage.

Double Bag Liquids and Powders

As you pack your things, take a little extra precaution with liquids and powders. The last thing that you want is to discover that bottle of mineral oil all over your toiletries when you unpack at your new home.

Dispose of Chemicals and Oils in the Garage Before Moving Day

And speaking of things that are prone to make messes—your garage is likely full of chemicals, oils, and other products that are just plain dirty. Make sure that you properly dispose of old gas and motor oil or cleaning agents before the movers arrive. They won’t handle these items anyways and doing so will prevent a big mess on moving day.

Final Thoughts on Protecting your Home During a Move

Nobody wants to make more work for themselves. After a long day of moving, do you really want to get mud stains out of your white carpet? We’re going to safely guess the answer is no. As you plan for your move, remember the volume of traffic that your home will see on moving day and take these tips from experienced residential movers to save yourself the trouble of a bigger mess. Brouwer Relocation is a trusted and experienced household mover in South Dakota with more than 50 years of industry experience and thousands of great reviews. Get more great tips when you plan your next move with us.